You Are Like Gravy

Happy Thanksgiving! As I sit here this morning counting my blessings I feel like Chevy Chase in the (made for television version) of Christmas Vacation where is stuck in the attic wrapped in vintage clothes watching old home made movies of holidays past. One of my fondest memories of Thanksgiving was my Mom who would dress in very colorful attire and put on her holiday specific apron and go to work in the kitchen making all the foods she would be serving our family later on in the day.

Today I can picture her in my minds eye making the gravy that she would serve with the mashed potatoes. She always waited to the very end before making gravy so it wouldn’t set too long and begin to separate. What made it so flavorful were all the ingredients from her cooking went into the gravy being blended together. As I pictured her stirring the gravy I was reminded of what the writer of Hebrews penned in Hebrews 10:24, “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works”.

What makes Thanksgiving Day so very special for millions of people today besides all the delicious home made dishes, many which have been passed down through the generations will be all the seats around the table being filled with family and friends, some from very far away. I know for me and my wife its not so much the food that makes our Thanksgiving special, it is the people. Each of our kids and grandkids are the gravy in our lives, each is an ingredient in our family recipe that when we all come together something delicious happens and when they are gone something is missing, it’s not the same.

Are you aware that the church is like a Thanksgiving celebration in that each week the family stops what they are doing and come home as it were? Gathering around the Lord’s Table giving thanks for being members of God’s family, we pray for one another and look for ways to stir one another up. What makes life taste so good is when all the ingredients are mixed together and don’t settle to the bottom. That’s why we don’t forsake the gathering of the saints (Hebrews 11:25). After all, since no one likes watery gravy lets commit to gathering this week wherever we do church to stir each other up in love and  good works! After all, you are like gravy on our week!


Michael Osthimer




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