Loves Got A Pull On Me

“But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.”

Hosea 2:14

I am always amazed each time I read the book of Hosea which means, “salvation” and how Hosea’s own life became an object lesson God would use to communicate with the nation of Israel His love. In other words, Hosea’s testimony was the very instrument God would use to teach both the prophet and the people about God’s unfailing love. Studying the book of Hosea you will find God never wastes a hurt. Though Hosea at times had a difficult marriage that broke his heart he learned the power of mercy when he offered his wife the very opposite of what she deserved when she became unfaithful to him.

Israel is called “God’s wife” in the Bible and Hosea’s experience with his own wife parallels the way the nation of Israel was acting towards God. Though Israel had turned to “Other lovers” through idolatry and the worshiping of foreign gods, her actions broke the heart of God, and yet He did not forsake her but allowed her to experience the full brunt of her choice as she ended up in slavery, which in turn broke her heart.

I like what Warren Wiersbe writes, “Sin and forgetfulness of God are not the natural causes of, and inducements to mercy. But God deals not with us, as we act one to another. Extreme misery and degradation revolt man; man' s miseries invite God' s mercies. God therefore has mercy, not because we deserve it, but because we need it.”

Did you get that? God doesn’t deal with us as we act towards each other… mans miseries invite God’s mercies! I love that. And as well, God has mercy on us not because we deserve it, but because we need it.” Do you need mercy today? It’s available if you cry out to God. God’s chastening got her attention but it was His mercy that melted her heart and transformed this unfaithful wife into one who going forward would remain by her husband’s side for the rest of her life. What a love story regarding Hosea and his wife Gomer and likewise for the Lord and nation of Israel too. Israel’s story isn’t finished but what a beautiful ending it will be one day!

Just like the Lord is not done with Israel He is not done with me and you either. When God says, “I will draw or allure her” what that means is He can use both the good things of life and even the evil the enemy might entice us with to accomplish God’s will. God will never be outdone as Paul would write, “Where sin abounds grace does all the more.” Sin might be pleasurable for a moment but God wins by revealing to us the riches of His kindness and forbearance so that the temporal enticements of this life can never compare to the eternal benefits that are ours as the bride of Christ.

Know this, God loves you and as the lover of your soul He is always perusing you just like any loving husband would his wife. And just like the nation of Israel when He allured her into the wilderness, He did so that He could speak tenderly to her heart. Often times when we think of God we tend to focus on how disappointed He must be with us because of our actions when in reality what He wants us to keep in the front of our mind is just how much He loves and cares about us and the extent He has gone to redeem us. In other words focus on His love and not your failures! God knows if we knew and I mean really knew the extent of His love we’d never again look anywhere else. Like the old saying, “When you find the best, you will forget the rest!” Jesus is the best! Try it you’ll like it! Get into the Word and read for yourself the love story of all love stories. Trust me, when you begin to comprehend God’s love it will draw you and make you want more! Trust me!

“So now, come back to your God. Act with love and justice, and always depend on him.”

Hosea 12:6


Michael Osthimer




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