I Choose Jesus

“When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan.”

Proverbs 29:2

I was reading a social media news post that President Biden and former President Trump have agreed to participate in two debates before the election this coming November. More than reading the news regarding the debate I enjoy reading the comments people make. It’s safe to say we are currently the Divided States of America. The disdain that many American’s feel for both of these candidates is painfully clear. As I read the comments regarding both men a quote came to mind that said, “People don’t defend whats right anymore, they defend who they like.” That could not be more true regarding this year’s presidential campaign.

People ask me all the time what side am I on? After thinking about that this week I thought the best thing I could do long before the election this year is make my position known. To be perfectly clear my allegiance is not to an elephant or a donkey. My allegiance is to a lion! My allegiance is to a king, King Jesus Christ. Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah, He is the king of kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus always has my vote in every election so I vote for what candidate best aligns with the Word of God. No candidate will be a perfect match, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” but for me I don’t find it too difficult to determine which candidate more closely aligns with a biblical world view.

As we listen and learn about the upcoming election and the candidates as well as the issues let’s determine to defend what is right and not just who we like. Vote to glorify God as there is a lot more at stake than just an election and temporary benefits for the winning side. Sometimes the effects of an election are not felt for generations and is why the Lord was very clear in His word regarding His instructions as to how we should go about making our decisions in life, “So be careful to obey all the commands I give you. You must not add anything to them or subtract anything from them.” Every time you go to vote hold up your choice to the Word of God because God is no respecter of persons. Love rejoices in the truth!

The more we study our Bibles to show ourselves approved to God the more godly, righteous and true our votes will become. Whatever you do don’t follow the crowd when voting, follow the Lord. Vote the Word of God. Pray for those who are currently serving in government that God would give them wisdom from heaven to make good godly decisions so we can all lead peaceable lives in fear and reverence. Lets commit starting today to pray that God would raise up government officials, men and women whose values align with His so we can return once again to being “One nation under God” the way our Founding Fathers had hoped and dreamed our country would be governed.

Seeing the state our country is in I believe with all my heart the best way to enjoy being “One nation under God” again is to pray that Jesus Christ would return to this earth and establish His kingdom because we know on that day the world will know peace like its never known before. Until the Lord returns let’s agree to vote for men and women who make their decisions in the light of that day.

“Give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well and know the difference between right and wrong. For who by himself is able to govern this great people of yours?”

1 Kings 3:9


Michael Osthimer





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