Follow The Leader

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you”

Deuteronomy 31:8

Growing up in the 1960’s my friends and I played outside pretty much from sunrise to sunset. We played all kinds of sports and games. One of our favorite games was known as “Follow The Leader” where the players choose a leader who is the "head of the line" and the remaining players all line up behind the leader. The leader then moves around and all the players have to mimic the leader's actions. Any players who fail to follow or mimic the leader are out of the game. Though life is not a child’s game the goal of the Christian life is to “Follow The Leader” so to speak.

The Christian life is best lived when it’s done so in submission to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by the power of God’s Spirit who lives in us. The Holy Spirit’s role is to lead and guide us as well as to empower us to live victorious lives each day. Look at today as an invitation from God to “Follow The Leader” to get the most out of it and to enjoy life to the fullest.

How can we best imitate God you might be thinking? We best imitate the life of Jesus Christ by studying God’s Word and the things we see Jesus doing we ask God to help us do likewise by the power of His Spirit living in us. When we talk to people today seek to imitate the conversations Jesus Himself had with those He came in contact. The things you see Jesus doing in the Bible ask the Holy Spirit to help you do as you go about your day. Make it your aim to “Follow The Leader” in everything!

Oh the joy you and I can have today as we “Follow The Leader” imitating Jesus actions and His Words. Nothing can compare to walking with the Lord and sensing His leading and His guiding. Thats the best way to enjoy the day and impact other peoples lives knowing God Himself goes before us making a way and He follows behind us to protect us every step along the way! Follow the leader!

“You will not leave in a hurry, running for your lives. For the LORD will go ahead of you; yes, the God of Israel will protect you from behind.”

Isaiah 52:12


Michael Osthimer





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