Before You Were Born

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations."

Jeremiah 1:5

Studying the book of Romans and what it means to be sanctified, which in short is to be “set apart” by God. I wish I could have been there and witnessed the look on the face of Jeremiah when he understood for the very first time that God knew him even before He made Jeremiah. I love the thought that long before Jeremiah was born into the world he was born in the heart of God. And the good news of the gospel is, what is true about Jeremiah is just as true about you too!

Consider this, most couples discuss having children even before they have children. It makes perfect sense that a child is intended to be well thought out in advance of their conception and subsequent birth. I would say almost every couple I have ever met who is planning on getting married has a discussion about having children prior to their wedding day. I know as a pastor who performs wedding ceremonies, I always ask the question during our premarital counseling, "are you planning on having children after you are married?" Even if children are born outside of marriage or even unplanned within marriage they aren't accidents as God obviously knew the exact day they would be born into this world. Every life counts as every life has a purpose with God!

Here is a true and funny story that has helped me personally understand the heart of God in knowing each of us before we were born. I was going through my desk drawer’s the other day and found a C.D. of a teaching that my wife did for our churches Women's Ministry over a decade ago now that left me a little perplexed upon hearing it. During the teaching my wife told the group of women that night that she knew all the way back in high school that one day she would have three children and that she even knew all the way back then what thier names would be. That was news to me, lol. My wife ensures me we did discuss our children’s names and mutually agreed.

She shared with the ladies that she had picked out the names Bree, Brett and Brandon as the names for her three yet to be babies. She had been planning since high school on being the mom to her three B's, and what a wonderful mom she is. The only thing my wife said she didn't know back in high school was who the father was going to be. (LOL. That is the truth. I have the C.D. still). I had to hit rewind on the C.D. player in my truck a few times so I could listen and make sure I heard what I thought I heard. I was certain my wife and I had sat down together and came up with our children's names together. Then, the more I thought about it, my wife was right. I did recall that she did present the names to me asking me what I thought about the names Bree, Brett and Brandon making me think I had a say in choosing the names when in reality she was just asking me what I thought, LOL. I am still amazed to this day by my wife's foreknowledge. And to think, God planned your birth and mine even before the world was ever even formed. I better understand God's heart thanks in part to the help of my wife in her knowing our children by name years before each was born.

Let this sink in real good today, loved one. God thought about you before you were born. He knew you by name! You are not an accident to God. You were a deliberate choice. Because of Jesus your life has meaning and purpose today. God thought ahead of time about your life and He knew the exact day and hour you would be born, what you would look like, what your personality would be. He knew everything about you before you took your first breath. Like I said, you are not an accident, you are an act of divine love. You were not just created for something, you were created for someone. You were created by God and for God. Your life has a purpose that no one else is in this life is designed to fulfill. You are unique, you are loved!

"being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Philippians 1:6



Michael Osthimer




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