God Sings To You

“The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17

Have you discovered that the things you love most and that are dear to your heart you find yourself singing  about? I know I do as music has a way of taking our love to a whole new level. I love singing to my wife, my children and grandkids whenever possible and I don’t even have a good voice nor do I care. My wife will sometimes be cooking dinner in the kitchen when I will sneak up behind her and put my arms around her waist and sing in her ear the lyrics to that old Hank Williams song, “hey good lookin, whatcha got cooking”. As corny as that is it always makes her smile.

My wife and I nicknamed our oldest son “Bub or Bubby” when he was just a little boy and I would call him “Bubby Rooskie” as I would sing to him, “Bubby Rooskie your the one, when we are together we have lots of fun, Bubby Rooskie your my very best friend its true.” Each time I would sing that to him he would just look up at me and smile and giggle. I still sing it to him from time to time even though he is in his thirties. And guess what? He still smiles and giggles. We call our grand daughter Quinn, “Quinnie Pooh” and her mom tells me she can hear Quinn singing to herself in her bedroom the words that I would sing to her while caring for her while her parents work on Mondays. I sing the words, “Quinnie Pooh Quinnie Pooh I love you, yes I do” changing the pitch of my voice as I do. Because I love my wife, kids and grandkids I enjoy putting their names to song to let them know I love them. By putting their names to song I have found it is a way that helps my love stick with them long after they are gone and to remind them that when you love someone, you can’t help but sing to them and about them. Just think, if it’s that way for us, how much more does God rejoice over us with singing?

Obviously singing originated with God as a means of expressing our love. I find it interesting that no where in the Bible do we read of Satan, his demons or the fallen angels singing. That is because sin brings with it sorrow and sin robs us of the joy of singing. Singing comes from hearts overflowing with love and is why we love to worship God in song and why God rejoices over us with singing. Love makes the heart sing and because God is love I can easily imagine that God loves singing to us and about us even more than I love to sing to my wife and children for the simple fact, “You are always on His mind.” Listen for His voice today and the song He is singing over you!

Psalm 32:7. “You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.”


Michael Osthimer




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