We Will Remember

As I was praying this Veteran’s Day and thanking God for the men and women of our armed forces the Lord brought to my mind the story of Mephibosheth from 2 Samuel as if to say to me, “Remember the wounded warriors.” Mephibosheth was just five years old when his father and grandfather were killed in battle and Mephibosheths nanny fearing the entire family would be killed took the young boy in her arms and fled. In her haste she dropped him and Mephibosheth became crippled in both his feet. The story is a sad reminder of the implications of war. Like many in our armed forces Mephibosheth’s injuries completely changed the course his life would take.

Fast forward a number of years and King David is doing what I pray Veteran’s Day causes you and I to do today too. After his enemies were defeated and David was enjoying the peace that comes with victory, he’s sitting comfortably in his palace and takes time to reflect back over his life and the goodness of God. David remembers his friend Jonathan, the son of King Saul and David asks if there is any of Jonathan’s family alive that David could show kindness out of his love for his friend who had died in battle. This is where David learns Jonathan had a son named Mephibosheth who was crippled in both of his feet.

David sends for Mephibosheth and invites him to sit at the kings table for the rest of his life as one of David’s sons. What I love about this story is how David remembered the sacrifice his friend Jonathan made for him and how David repaid that kindness by taking in Jonathan’s son as his own. Sitting around that table no one could see Mephiboaheths lameness as all anyone could see was from the waist up.

This Veteran’s Day let’s remember the men and women of our armed forces but let’s also not forget our wounded warriors who made it back from war, just not in one piece. Let’s look for ways to show kindness to them because of the goodness of God that He has shown us. As we care for our veteran’s we honor all those who didn’t make it home and is one way we can all adopt our military motto, “Leave No One Behind”.



Michael Osthimer





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