The Birthday Boy!

Real Life with Pastor Mike the Birthday Boy!

Usually you read the heart felt words of Pastor Mike. “Husband, Father, Opa, Brother, Pastor, Friend” and as of recently “Song writer”. Had to add that in because it was definitely a special song he shared with us all. 
Well, another title for Pastor Mike today is “Birthday Boy!”
As his family, we’ve wanted to find a special way to celebrate our special Husband, Father, and Opa. So, we are taking over today to share a little about him and some special things he is to us. He doesn’t know we are taking over so this is hopefully a fun surprise for him, as well as you!
Thank you for faithfully reading Real Life 
With Pastor Mike! 
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We Love You! 
Love the Osthimer Family
“Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.” CS Lewis
You're used to reading the words from Pastor Mike from this devotional that gets sent out.  Well, today you get to read words about Pastor Mike... my husband and the father to our children Bree, Brett and Brandon.
Today is his birthday. He turns 60 years old.  I am grateful to his parents for the birth of this amazing man.  I am grateful for our 38 years of life together. I am grateful for the three individuals we are blessed to call our children. And from them, grandchildren to fill our home and hearts with unimaginable love. 
We met a church and the initial attraction led us to countless conversations of our love for the Lord and for ministry.  God brought us together and it is Him who keeps us together.  Life is not easy especially the older we get.  Health issues, ministry, people, and circumstances can play a toll but I heard recently that God allows tribulations and suffering to help shape our character.
Romans 5:3-5 says  Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope.  And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.
Mike has character (and he can be a character at times). Mike has hope. He loves. And he is one of the most gracious people I've ever met. Not only to those who want to "crucify" but also to me, his wife.  I sadly confess I have been unlovable...I have been unkind...unsupportive...the list goes the very one who loves me unconditionally.
So my wish today is not only for you to know a little about the wonderful man behind these devotionals but for him to know how much he is loved by his wife, his Ishtee ("my woman" in Hebrew), mother to his beautiful children, and Oma to the lights of his life.  You are one of a kind, Michael. Thank you for making me laugh, for holding and comforting me (even when you want to fix me), for choosing me and for taking my hand on this adventure of ours.
Happy 60th Birthday, Michael.
I love you,

From Bree, Pastor Mike’s oldest child.
There are so many special things I could share about my dad. As my mind runs with memories or things he’s taught me there is something that stands out in profound ways. Something he taught me, and it might be because I’m a parent now, it’s how my dad never hesitated to apologize when he was wrong. 
As a parent, I’m learning it’s hard to apologize when you mess up. I grew up with a dad that wasn’t afraid to admit when he wronged us. Ha! Not quite the high note off the bat, but when I think about my dad’s character, that stands out. And, for me that’s a big deal! To apologize and ask forgiveness when you’ve wronged someone is a humbling thing. So, to ask your child to forgive you when you were wrong is big! He could have easily never apologized and just simple passed it off as being a parent learning and moved on. But, he saw those moments as moments to show us how we can learn and understand forgiveness and the beauty in making your wrongs right. Not just with that person you wronged but also with the Lord. 
So, when those moments stand out in my mind I don’t just remember my dad saying sorry for whatever it was he was apologizing for , I saw the heart of Jesus working in an imperfect man. I saw him humbling his pride so Jesus could shine through. Like in Matthew 5:16
 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Perfect moments to shine his light for Jesus so we could see the Lord work. 
We as Christians are are called to shine our light in this dark world. Your light shines brightest to those who see you up close. Your ministry has to start somewhere and in your home is a perfect place to start. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a good example. 
I am Pastor Mike’s little girl, his only daughter, so he has my heart in a special way. He’s always known my love language and knows what to say when my heart needs it the most. He never hesitates to pray for me, or something that is my favorite, he knows just how to find ways to make me laugh. My Dad is just a big kid and he brings a special goofiness and joy to our lives. 
I say it often to him but I’m so thankful the Lord made him my Dad. He’s been perfect for me and I love him! 
Thank you for reading this far and continue to pray for him as He leads and disciples all of us.
Happy birthday Daddy! I hope you know how loved you are and how thankful we are for your life!
From Brett, Pastor Mike’s 2nd oldest. 
What I have always appreciated about my dad is he is one who no matter what will continue to show you grace. One is that whatever the conversation, he  will direct it back to the Word of God. I have come to realize as I look back at impactful events in my life he has been there. The 3 things I recall are being birth, marriage and death but not in that order.  1st being marriage as he did the wedding for Jackie and I and being able to share in that event as he lead us and officiated the ceremony. Maybe that is the good side of being a pastor’s kid or “PK” as we are referred to. 2nd would be being there for the birth of my daughters to see him become Opa! His special relationship with Reese and Quinn is great to see and I know they love him very much. Most people don’t like getting up on Monday’s but I know he does to watch a granddaughter. Lastly, would be death. From having to experience the passing of a friend unexpectedly and the passing of parents is a side of my dad I saw God really use him as he lead our family to the Lord. His faith is strong and he is one who won’t quit. These are some things I admire about my dad and hope today on his birthday regardless of how crazy this world is today that he knows he is loved.
Happy birthday,
Love Brett
From Brandon, Pastor Mike’s youngest child. 
I hope this message finds you well. I couldn’t train a carrier pigeon to carry a gift and a cake at the same time, so we decided to hijack your devotional to reach you during this crazy Covid-19 outbreak. Drastic times call for drastic measures, but we wanted to wish you a happy birthday and celebrate you! 
A little update on our crazy situation, we’re down to 432 rolls of toilet paper. (Brittany made chilli from our food reserves and I was forced to use more than the daily ration). I hope you and mom got through the hordes of looters and stocked up better than we did. I know how important a clean bum is to this family. You’ve always been big on that. We’re almost out of food. We only have 230 days worth of pita chips and hummus left, and we’re all starting to worry. This thing better clear up soon or we’re going to be forced to break into the pantry that we locked in case of looters. 
Someone once said “a real friend is someone who walks in when the world walks out”, and I think I found him. Brittany hung some wet clothes on a mop in the garage, and while I was doing an inventory on our supplies, this figure startled me. He’s the toughest, and most understanding guy I know because who else could take a child’s chalk board to the face and not get mad or hurt? Long story short, we’ve become pretty good friends. We get lost in conversations about the good ok’ days when sports were played, going to the movie theaters, and the freedoms of being allowed outside. I hope you’re lucky enough to find a camaraderie like mine soon. It’s helped me keep my sanity in a house full of women. 
To get to the purpose of this letter, (I’m supposed to be inspecting the grounds for intruders), I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays!
You’re truly an amazing dad, opa, counselor, and friend. You do so much for so many people that you deserve to be recognized for the kind heart that you have. Our whole family is blessed by you, and most of all I am blessed to be your son. The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t have it all figured out. You being here to help me through the good and bad, is the biggest blessing that I can possess. You are wise, stern as well as gentle, and loving. All qualities that I’ve seen and am lucky to be influenced by! Thank you for being you, and know that you are appreciated by us all! 
I love you very much dad, and wish you a wonderful 60th birthday! 
P.S. if you see a pigeon on your roof or yard, shoot it for me. He’s been pooping all over my patio and won’t leave.
Thank you for sticking with us this far! Hope you have a blessed day! 

Jason Truitt





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