Bring The Rain

“Rain down, you heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness; let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together. I, the LORD, have created it.
Isaiah 45:8
"When I looked out today and saw that the sky was gray I thought about the way You love days like this… It feels like it’s rainin’ You. I can’t explain it but I am baptized anew. It feels like it’s rainin’ you." I have always enjoyed that song considering the joy of being baptized and that feeling you get when you are standing out in the rain because you want to. The lyrics above are to an old Brad Paisley song that as I looked out the window Wednesday afternoon I was reminded of both the cleansing power of God’s love as well as the role rain plays in giving new life. Everything is green! Yes, loved one, there is something about the rain coming down that reminds me of baptism and not only the feeling of having my sins washed away by Christ's atoning sacrifice, but I love knowing God created rain to make all things new! We need the rain desperately both physically and spiritually and yesterday as the seasons change once again I'm praying to the Lord, "Bring the rain", water the earth and spiritually I am praying baptize me anew.
Many songs have been written about the rain, as there are so many lessons to be learned in every single drop. The thought itself demonstrates the awesomeness of our God in that He speaks in the smallest of things. Rain for some reminds them of the storms of life and for others it reminds them of the refrehing faithfulness of God in both providing for and sustaining us. For some it reminds them of both. Yes, loved one, Jesus said that storms would come to each of our lives, we can’t stop the rain, nor should we try. We need the rain, just as we need the lessons the storms bring to our lives to cause us to grow spiritually. Maybe the most important thing we need to keep in mind is that even when it rains, our God reigns! Remember, whatver God brings you to, He will see you through! 
The Christian music group Mercy Me sings a song titled, “Bring The Rain” and I enjoy both the tune of the song as well as the words it contains. I copied them here for you today with the hope that if you are going through one of life’s storms that you would be reminded as the seasons change yet again and another season of rain is still hopefully ahead of us, our God reigns! The song “Bring The Rain” goes like this:
“I can count a million times, people asking me how I can praise You with all that I’ve gone through. The question just amazes me, can circumstances possibly change who I forever am in You. Maybe since my life was changed, long before these rainy days, it’s never really ever crossed my mind to turn my back on you, oh Lord, my only shelter from the storm. But instead I draw closer through these times, so I pray. Bring me joy, bring me peace, bring the chance to be free, bring me anything that brings you glory. And I know there’ll be days when this life brings me pain, but if that’s what it takes to praise You, Jesus bring the rain! I am Your’s regardless of the dark clouds that may loom above, because You are much greater than my pain. You who made a way for me by suffering Your destiny, so tell me what’s a little rain. So I pray, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!”
I pray as you read those words you were reminded of Gods love for you, that He is there for you and that He provides shelter in the midst of life's storms!. No matter what state you are in today or the trials you might be facing, I pray you let the next rain baptize you anew. When the rain begins to fall this coming month don’t hurry through it beloved of God, just stop for a moment and enjoy it. Be reminded with every drop that falls, God is in it and is doing something new! Bring the rain!

“Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth”
Hosea 6:3

Michael Osthimer





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