Don’t Put A Comma Where God Put A Period

Mar 13, 2022    Mike Osthimer
I titled this mornings message, “Don’t put a coma where God put a period” for the simple fact that is exactly how the Holy Spirit desired that the sentence read. In the original Greek language there is no coma there or any other condition stated in the sentence. The message is plain and clear, there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus, period. End of sentence, end of story.

I’m not going to hurry through Romans 8 as it is the pinnacle of the Paul’s letter to the church in Rome. If I could only preach on one chapter in all the Bible I am certain this chapter would be the one I would pick.

What stands between the victory we read about in Romans 6 over sin and the glory revealed in Romans 8. The struggle we must face daily in Romans 7. Its what makes Romans 8 so amazing to us.