How To Minister To Divisive People

Apr 16, 2023    Mike Osthimer

We are coming to the end of the book of Romans and as we do it’s always good to remind you of the basic outline of the book.

Chapters 1-3 deal primarily with the WRATH of God

Chapters 4-8 deal primarily with the GRACE of God

Chapters 9-11 deal primarily with the PLAN of God

Chapters 12-16 deal primarily with the WILL of God

Chapters 1-11 deal with DOCTRINAL ISSUES

Chapters 12-15 deal with PRACTICAL ISSUES

Chapter 15-16 deal with PERSONAL ISSUES

One of the most interesting things to me when I read Romans chapter 16 is knowing that though Paul had never been to Rome he knew so many people by name, 35 to be exact. Thats pretty impressive and it definitely shows how much Paul loved and valued people.