What’s Your Plan?

Mar 19, 2023    Mike Osthimer

There is an old expression that captures this portion of text we are studying today and most certainly reflects the ministry of the apostle Paul. The statement goes like this, “Plan your work and work your plan”. Let me ask you a personal question this morning. You don’t have to answer it out loud. When it comes to your spiritual life do you have a plan? Do you have any goals regarding your faith? Maybe you have a bible reading plan to read through the Bible through in one year? Maybe you have a plan to share Jesus with every member of your family, one on one? Maybe you have the goal of sharing Jesus with all your co-workers or neighbors? Maybe you have the goal of getting involved in ministry this year after being out of pocket due to COVID. Maybe you have a goal to start tithing this year and supporting the church financially. Hopefully we all have a spiritual goal that we have set and are working towards each day.