There Is No “I” in Team

Feb 26, 2023    Mike Osthimer

Good morning! It’s good to be home and to be with you. Would you turn with me in your bible to Romans chapter 14 and we will pick it up where we left off a couple of weeks ago before I left for Israel and parts unknown. John and Larry filled the pulpit overflowing and I am so blessed by them both. Last week Larry taught about the danger of self love which is the antithesis of God’s love which sacrificial. If you haven’t listened to it yet I encourage you to do so. 

As we study the WILL of God in Romans chapters 12-16 we understand the only way to please God in this life is to have our minds constantly renewed by the washing of His Word. 

The renewed mind seeks after God and how we might please Him and love Him. The renewed mind then sets out to love others in Jesus name.