You Before Me

Mar 5, 2023    Mike Osthimer

As you turn to Romans 15 this morning Pauls letter to the church here instructing us how to treat one another reminds me of that story of the Mom who was trying to teach her two sons a life lesson when she was preparing them a pancake breakfast one Saturday morning and they were arguing over who would get the first plate of pancakes. Kevin was 5 years old and his younger brother Kyle was 3. They were both puling on the plate yelling at each other, “they are mine, they are mine” and so Mom stepped in and took the plate. Looking at her sons she said, “boys, let me ask you a question. If Jesus was here what would he do?” Without waiting for the boys to answer she went on to say, “Jesus would let his brother go first wouldn’t he?” The boys looked at each other for a moment when suddenly the older brother Kevin said to his younger brother Kyle, “you be Jesus” and he pulled the plate to himself and began to eat.