The Miracle No-one Wants

Nov 12, 2023    Mike Osthimer

I’ll invite you to open your bible with me to Acts

Chapter 5. Chapter 5 is such an interesting chapter

to me in that many times when talking to people

about the Bible they see the Bible like its two

different books with two different God’s. They see

the Old Testament as the law and the New

Testament all about grace. They see the God of the

Old Testament as being legalistic and harsh and the

God of the New Testament as kind and gracious not

realizing that the God of the Old and the New

Testament are one and the same.

Here in Acts chapter 5 we see the judgment of God

being poured out on a husband and wife after Jesus

has gone to the Cross and died for our sins and who

has been resurrected on the third day just as He

said for our justification. Keep in mind this is in the

New Testament and not the Old Testament. So, why

such a harsh response by the Holy Spirit to what

might appear to be not that big of a deal?