A Contrast in Conversions

Feb 4, 2024    Mike Osthimer

Let me ask you a question as we look at the rest of chapter 8 this morning… How many of you like reading about Bible prophecy this morning? For those of you who do let me ask you another question. Where is the United States spoken of in Bible prophecy? Is Israel clearly spoken of in bible prophecy? How about the Middle East? Can you find references to Russia and China and European nations? But nothing about one of the if not the greatest nation in the world? I don’t know about you but that worries me. I don’t see America in bible prophecy. To me, that would mean America isn’t mentioned for one of two reasons. Either t he majority of American’s are Born Again believers and will be raptured from the earth or America has fallen away from God and we simply don’t exist as a nation any longer. 

Those questions help me to examine Acts 8.