Some Things Money Can’t Buy

Jan 28, 2024    Mike Osthimer

Simon Magus was probably a " Jew" or a " Samaritan," who had addicted himself to the arts of magic, and who was much celebrated for it. He had studied philosophy in Alexandria in Egypt, and then lived in Samaria. After he was cut off from the hope of adding to his other powers the power of working miracles, the " fathers" say that he fell into many errors, and became the founder of the sect of the Simonians. They accused him of affirming that he came down as the " Father" in respect to the Samaritans, the " Son" in respect to the Jews, and the " Holy Spirit" in respect to the Gentiles. He did not acknowledge Christ to be the Son of God, but a rival, and pretended himself to be Christ. He rejected the Law of Moses. Many other things are affirmed of him which rest on doubtful authority. He seems to have become an enemy to Christianity, though he was willing " then" to avail himself of some of its doctrines in order to advance his own interests. His end is not known.