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Jun 20, 2021    Mike Osthimer    Father’s Day 2021
I cant give what I don’t have… If you are dehydrated you need to drink water. If you are starving you need food. If you are tired you need rest. What do you do when you read a passage like John 13:34-35 where Jesus is calling us to love one another as He has loved us?

My point is this… Often times on Father’s Day dads can feel like a failure. That’s the last thing I want you to feel like today. I remember the very first time I got to teach a message in the sanctuary when I was the youth pastor of this church back in the early 1990’s. It was a Father’s Day and I was looking up definitions of words and when I looked I up the word Father I noticed something interesting. Not in the definition but in the placement of the word Father in the dictionary. The word Father fell right between two other words, Fathead and the word Fatigue. Fathead and Fatigue… That described perfectly how I feel often times as a Father.

On this Father’s Day I want to speak to two groups of people today… Raise your hand if you are a Father with us this morning? (Give them a round of applause). Raise your hand if you have ever had a father this morning? Good, we are 100% all in today so this message applies to us all, not just dads.