Temporal Pain, Eternal Glory

Nov 29, 2020    Mike Osthimer    Hope in the Dark

Temporal pain eternal glory reminds me of the mom who went grocery shopping with her 3-year-old daughter who wasn’t happy being trapped in the seat of the shopping cart and was overdue for her afternoon nap. She kept screaming and throwing a fit and her mom would say, “Just five more minutes Molly” as she kept shopping. She came upon an elderly gentleman who was shopping on the same aisle and her daughter let out another scream when the man smiled at the little girl. The mom looked at the man and then turned to her daughter and said, “five more minutes Molly” and kept pushing. This went on until the mom couldn’t take it any longer. As she came to the register the elderly gentlemen she had encountered earlier was checking out in front of her when once again the little girl let out a scream. The mom smiled at the elderly gentlemen and said, “five more minutes Molly” to which the old man said, “Molly is such a cutie, how old is she?” The mom replied, “Jenny is three, thank you, I am Molly.”

The point is, sometimes in the midst of a trial the best thing to do is remind yourself just “five more minutes” as the trial you are facing is temporal at best but the glory of God that is going to be revealed to you is eternal.