Sanctified yet Struggling

Mar 6, 2022    Mike Osthimer
Newton who was a pastor of a small church in 18th century England. A book was written that complied letters he had written over his life in ministry. The book was titled “Select Letters of John Newton.” You might not recall the name John Newton but you probably know him as he is most famous for writing the famous hymn, “Amazing Grace.” Throughout his ministry, he often wrote other believers letters of encouragement.

My favorite letter that John Newton wrote was when he was 83 years old. In a letter to a fellow pastor, he confessed that he had always assumed, after walking with God for 40 or 50 years, that he would have made more progress in the Christian life. He wondered why, at 83 years old, the temptations of the flesh were still as strong in him as they were when he was a young man.