COVID-19 update

June 3rd, 2020

Re-Opening The Church

It’s Time To Open The Doors!

Welcome Home! Returning to our church campus requires our flexibility to adjust to a new and different normal, awaiting God to reveal what the future will look like, one day at a time. We will be able to enjoy our time gathering together as we practice


(Along with practical social distancing practices)

Who Can Attend? 

We’d love to see everyone in church as we reopen our doors to corporate worship. Here are some things to consider before you join us on campus. 

Children’s ministry is not open at this time. We are asking families with young children to:
1. Continue to attend services on line
2. If your children are able to sit through and understand the Bible study they are welcome to join you in the sanctuary following our guidelines.
3. If your children are not able to sit through or understand the Bible study they are welcome to remain outside in the quad and grass areas. Bring seating from home and enjoy the services outside allowing children the freedom to move around and social distancing practices are more flexible. 

If you are in a high risk category (age 65 and older) we invite you to continue to attend on line. 

If you are sick at all (fever, cough, etc) please continue to attend online until you are symptom free for at least 14 days.

If you have been exposed to someone who has been tested or who is being tested for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, please continue to join us from home. 

Limited Capacity

We have limited seating at this time for each service to help us maintain and encourage social distancing of 6 feet in our sanctuary. 

Face Masks 

We are making it a high priority (not mandatory) for staff and guests to wear masks at all times in the church building. Please help us by wearing a Face Mask when you enter the building where social distancing practices are not possible. Face Masks are recommended by not required, and once seated and social distancing practices can be followed wearing masks are optional.  

Ministry team members serving inside buildings are required to wear Face Masks until everyone is seated and safe social distancing practices can be followed. 

Safety and Sanitizing

We encourage non-touch greeting.

We will not be handing out bulletins so please visit our website at or download the church app on your smart phone or electronic device to stay up to date church news. 

We will disinfect sanctuary seats and surfaces between services. 

Hand sanitizing stations will be available but we encourage you to wash your hands as the best practice. 

Public Restrooms

Please use the restrooms before coming to church. Access to restroom use on the church campus will be limited. Our restroom in the 400 building off the grass area will be open. The restroom in the 600 building and in the Cafe will be open limited to one person at a time and then disinfected after each use. The restroom near the basketball courts on the 100 building will remain locked. 

What to Expect

Upon arrival, just like before the COVID-19 virus you can expect to be greeted by our wonderful team of volunteers as you arrive on campus. They are here to welcome and assist you in these new processes. 

As you approach the sanctuary you will see signs encouraging you to practice safe social distancing and a few markings on the ground to give you a visual idea. As you enter the sanctuary you will see our chairs are set up to provide safe social distancing. Our greeting team will assist you in finding a seat as our seating is limited. We are flexible in moving chairs around to accommodate families of any size so we encourage patience as we work to make your worship experience safe and comfortable. 

Patience, Preference and Humility is needed by us all now more than ever as we navigate these uncharted waters of COVID-19 and gathering together safely as a church family. Thank you for your continued love and support. We look forward to worshiping Jesus with you!