Our Evangelism Department is committed to proclaiming the Christ and Him crucified with all possible means. We desire to reach all ages and classes of people near and far from our church. We employ various methods of proclaiming the Gospel, but we bring the same message: 

Turn from sin and its penalty(Hell), trust in Jesus(The only Savior for man), live according to God's Word(No longer a slave of sin. Honor God with your body, mind, and spirit through victorious Christian living), know for sure that your sins are forgiven (when Jesus is your Lord).

Methods of Evangelism:

To participate in one of these outreaches or for any questions:

     Contact Nate Runels: Missions & Outreach Director.

     Cell: (805)-478-4491.

     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pancake Breakfast: Reaching our community by cooking pancakes for strangers at Silver Creek Park.

      Time & location: The 1st Saturday of the month we meet at Silver Creek Park at 7:30 am Contact Nate Runels (805)-478-4491 or Shane             Quinn (661)-703-5419.



Martin Luther King Park(Sock) Outreach: This is an opportunity to reach out to the homeless and those caught up           in drug use on the East side of Bakersfield. Includes distributing food, socks, and Gospel tracts after a brief Gospel presentation.

     Time & location: We meet at 10:30am on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Meet in our Church Cafe(6501 Schirra Ct).


Door to Door Ministry: We reach our local neighborhoods through the use of questionnaires as we go from door to door.

     Time & location: Meet in our Cafe (6501 Schirra Ct. Suite. 316) 9:30 4th Saturday of the Month.


Friday Night Outreaches:  we provide the platform for sharing to gospel through team member's open-air-preaching and           one-on-one evangelism. Contact Nate Runels for time and location.


College Evangelism: Throughout the week we reach out to the local colleges through one-on-one evangelism, and                                  public preaching.

     Time & location: Contact Nate Runels (805)-478-4491 – Monday and/or Thursday (11:30-2:00)


Short term mission outreaches: Ranging from colleges in L.A. to orphanages in Mexico averaging 1-4 days.


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