RAMOSTHE RAMOS FAMILY                                                                                                                                        THAILAND

WIth the visions of raising up disciples of Jesus, they are currently attending language school and reaching out to the local community. They plan to serve the Lord by making disciples of Christ among the Thai people and by starting Bible studies wherever they go.

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SAM 0715ANGELA CUMMINGS                                                                                                                                 COLLEGES IN THE U.S.

Angela openly preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ and promotes holiness. She lives out of her car in the various college towns she visits. She also has traveled around the world preaching the gospel and continues to be led by the Lord in where He desires her to go.

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nick sartoris 300x235NICK SARTORIS                                                                                                             UN-REACHED TRIBES

Nick is a "pioneer dedicated in reaching the unreached. With the motto, "One chance for every person" Nick serves with Joshua Campaign and Mission One Eleven in reaching the unreached people of the world before the King's return.

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SebandChelsBWSEBASTIAN & CHELSEA MULLER                                                                                  WATERFORD, IRELAND 

Sebastian & Chelsea are serving alongside Calvary Waterford. Sebastian is the Worship Director along with being in charge of maintenance, and Chelsea is serving as the Children's Ministry head.

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