Wed, Sep 05, 2018

Nehemiah 8

Jon Courson in his commentary on Nehemiah writes, “Nearly twenty-five centuries ago, a band of battered people faced up to the embarrassing evidence of their inability to rebuild their ruined past. And then came a man who, with patient persistence, abundant supply, and deep compassion taught them to pray. He taught them how to resist the attacks of their adversaries. He taught them to be compassionate and kind toward their brothers who were more unfortunate than they. He led them in rebuilding that which was ruined. And in fifty-two days, the project was completed. Nehemiah is in this story, but he’s also in your story personally for he is a picture of the Holy Spirit who teaches us to pray, who empowers us to overcome the attacks of the devil, who enables us to be compassionate and kind, who works with us and in us to rebuild the ruined parts of our lives, the walls of our soul that lie in rubble and ruin. Don’t miss Him in this story. Don’t miss Him in your story.”
Duration:52 mins 58 secs
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