Wed, Aug 08, 2018

Nehemiah 5

As you recall from our previous studies Nehemiah was the 3rd great leader in the restoration of Jewish nation. 1st there was Zerubbabel who led the a group of exiles back to Jerusalem in 538-537 B.C. We learned this all the way back in the book of Ezra, chapter 2. Zerubbabel supervised the building of the temple. 2nd, some 80 years later, Ezra the scribe came to Jerusalem with another group of Jews, bringing sweeping change through the ministry of God's Word. But in time things degenerated once again in Jerusalem. So God in His grace sends yet another leader… 13 years after Ezra's expedition, Nehemiah was burdened by God Himself about the conditions in Jerusalem. After receiving permission from the king to rectify the situation, he provided the leadership the Israelites were in desperate need of.
Duration:52 mins 22 secs
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