Wed, Jul 11, 2018

Nehemiah 4-5

A couple of weeks ago we finished in chapter 3 and looked at the placements of the gates and saw a progression as it were that resembles the Christian life. The Christian life starts at the Sheep Gate – embracing Jesus as our sacrifice. Next is the Fish Gate where we become fishers of men. At the Old Gate we learn the unchangeable truths of the Bible. At times we’re by the Valley Gate and need encouragement. Invariably, we end up at the Refuse Gate where we have to toss out some garbage from our lives. That’s when we find the Holy Spirit’s refreshment at the Fountain Gate. And are cleansed by the Word at the Water Gate, And find strength at the Horse Gate. The journey continues until Jesus returns. When He does, He sets His foot down on the Mount of Olives and enters the Eastern Gate where He judges the nations - the Inspection Gate. Embedded in Nehemiah 3 you find a wall-to-wall account of the whole Bible.
Duration:55 mins 21 secs
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