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​"Worship Without Lips"


"Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker"

Psalm 95:6

What if you couldn't use your lips to worship Jesus? How would you do it? Would it even be possible? Max Lucado wrote, "Worship is the thank you that cannot be silenced." There is nothing like getting together with other believers and worshipping Jesus, yet church shouldn't be a place we go as much as it is a life we get to live along side our brothers and sisters in Christ. Worship after all isn't an allotted time set aside for God, worship is a lifestyle, a way of life. Actually, worship is to be our life.

I appreciate what singer-song writer and best selling author Matt Redman wrote about worship when he said, "In the end, worship can never be a performance, something you're pretending or putting on. It's got to be an overflow of your heart. Worship is about getting personal with God, drawing close to God." That is so well put, loved one. Worship as a lifestyle is drawing close to God each and every day and living in personal communion with Him. Living a life of worship is more than singing praise songs. Living a life of worship is listening to God through His Word and by His Spirit, and following His leading each and every day of our lives in everything He calls us to do. It's an adventure!

Let me ask you, do you feel like your life is an adventure with Jesus? Do you take time each day to hear Him by studying His Word and praying to Him discussing with Jesus the desires He has for you that day. The reason I ask is because that is what worship really is. Did you know there are things God wants you to see today, loved one? Did you know there are places God wants you to go today? Are you aware there are people He wants you to speak to, to pray with and to share the love of Christ with. Yes, you and me!

There are many different aspects of the life of worship. Don't get me wrong, friend, singing praise songs is a wonderful expression of worship but it is not the ultimate form of worship. Lifestyle worship is what the Lord desires most. Like all of us, God doesn't desire lip service; He desires life service. He wants nothing more than for us to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength in everything we do. And yes, that includes singing to Him too!

Isn't it interesting that when Jesus said we were to love God, He didn't even mention our lips? Living a life of worship is what the Lord desires and I pray with all my heart that when you and I walk through the doors of whatever church we might call home, the only difference in our worship of Jesus is where we get to do so. Oh the privilege we have been given to gather together with others who love to worship Jesus too! We don't just go to church to worship Jesus we go to church to worship Jesus with our brothers and sisters in Christ who have come to worship Jesus too. That is why its called congregational worship!

Worship God by the way you park when you arrive at church. Stay between the lines. Worship Jesus by the way you acknowledge every person you come in contact while at church. Worship God by the way you sing to Jesus. Worship God by the way you give of your tithes and offerings. Worship God by the way you listen to the teaching of His Word. Worship God in the way you pray. Worship God by asking Him to help you live out what you learn. Worship God by looking for opportunities to get involved in loving Jesus bride. Worship God by serving the church and not just attending a service each week. Worship God by asking Him to help you make worship a way of life and not just an event. When worship becomes our life we will like David, the man after God's own heart say…

"I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go into the house of the LORD."

Psalm 122:1


Jesus IS Heaven!
"God Offers Shortcuts"