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"When A Funeral Becomes A Birthday Party!"

"After this Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth."

Job 3:1

Job 3 is the darkest chapter in the book of Job. Job is an upright man who is blameless and one who shuns evil but he is still human. Though Job is in a state of deep depression regarding the circumstances surrounding his current situation in life he almost sees it right. Job curses the day of his birth and extols the blessings of death, yet complains that he cannot die. The bible says to be absent from the body, to be dead, is to be present with the Lord. Death for the Christian is then is the beginning of a brand new life absent of sorrow and pain like Job is experiencing here.

The bible says our physical death here on earth is precious in the sight of God because that means we are coming home to be with the Lord in glory. Where Job has it wrong because he lacks the full revelation of scripture, we understand that death is not the end. There is no such thing as annihilation, the soul lives on into eternity either in the presence of God or forever separated from Him in a place known as hell where there is the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

God's desire and what He longs and looks forward to now is the day we will be with Him. Currently God is preparing a place for us and when He is ready for us He will call for us home and not a moment too soon. We don't need to assist God with things like abortion or infanticide, or even euthanasia or suicide. No, beloved, to participate in these practices is to put ourselves in the place of God.

Regardless of how much knowledge we think we have in this life we must never forget Adam and Eve ate from the wrong tree. The tree of life was right there in the Garden for Adam and Eve to eat freely from and enjoy but they chose instead to eat the forbidden fruit, the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We chose knowledge over life in the Garden of Eden that day and men and women are still picking it today.

The bible invites us to come to God in Christ and eat freely of Him and to obtain eternal life yet many are still trying to reach God on their own merits. It can't be done. Life without God is depressing.

Job feared something in his life that has come upon him. And you might be surprised what it was. Job never laments the loss of his stuff, the wealth he amassed. He never complains once about all that he lost in the way of material things. What Job was depressed about was not sensing the presence of God that he once had enjoyed. In his trial and suffering he became unaware of God's presence and because of that he wanted to die.

Job talks a lot about the light and feeling like he is in darkness. Darkness isn't just that period of time from sun down to sun up. Darkness is that time in all our lives where we just can't see or understand what's happening or the why of what it is happening in our lives. We can be in total darkness even at 12:00 noon in the middle of summer and that's exactly the kind of darkness Job is experiencing. He doesn't understand the what's and the why's of life and it has him on the ropes of life as it were. Job is suffering from major depression.

Here is where faith and hope and love prevail. God is working in our lives just like in Jobs. The worst possible thing that could ever happen in the world's eyes is to suffer and die. God's Word says that the worst thing possible to happen in our lives is to miss heaven, to miss the presence of God. To reject God and live forever in hell is the worst possible thing that could happen to a person.

Don't let the temporal suffering, hurts, and heartaches in life keep you down, friend, let them cause you to draw close to God. That's what trials in life can do. As I read the book of Job I am reminded that, "Pain leads to freedom because deep suffering leads to greater surrender." Have you ever thought that just maybe, Pain and suffering are designed to get us to let go of the things we hold onto more than God."

In times of pain and suffering we need to be reminded that all that we go through in this life is just preparing us for the glory that will be revealed in us and to us and for us one day in heaven. Maybe you are going through a storm in your own spiritual journey today or you know someone else who is. Look up, beloved, look up to the heavens and focus on God. I remember watching a movie growing up called "The Persidon Adventure" and it had a song in it that became a radio favorite with the lyrics, "There's got to be a morning after".

Thats a great reminder and the good news of the gospel is there is a morning after for those who walk by faith, for those who long for the appearing of the Jesus Christ our Lord. We don't need to curse our birthday's when life is hard; we just need recall the Word of God and stand on His sure promises remembering,

Put your hope in God. Only god can turn our MESS into a MESSage, a TEST into our TESTimony, our TRIals into a TRIumph, from being VICTims to VICTors!

"But to you who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings; and you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves."

Malachi 4:2


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