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"Please Don't Wait"

"Then we will not turn back from You; Revive us, and we will call upon Your name. Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; Cause Your face to shine, And we shall be saved!"

Psalms 80:18-19

I have always loved that old quote that says, "die once and live twice, live once and die twice" speaking of what it means to be Born Again. Apart from God, man has believed a lie that in order to get to heaven he must work his way there. Most people believe that if you do enough good works, when you die you get into heaven. The bible teaches us that the only way into heaven is through Jesus Christ and by abiding in Him, or think of it this way, holding onto Him. But how does one hold onto anything when they die? The truth is, we can't. And this is where the Gospel comes in.

Dead people are just that, dead. They can't think, they can't move, they are all that the word implies. The only hope a dead person has is that someone who is alive will come along and perform some life saving measure on them to bring them back to life. The Good News of the Gospel is that someone is Jesus Christ because He is alive. Jesus conquered sin and death by His atoning sacrifice on Calvary's Cross. In order to experience heaven we need to follow the example Jesus gave us from His own life. Jesus showed us the way to heaven. Though Jesus is completely God He humbled Himself to the point of becoming a man (Philippians 2) and He trusted Himself completely into the hands of His Father. That's the key to salvation, trusting your life completely into the hands of another, and that another is God. Just don't wait too long. Once you die you wont be able to cry for help. We must cry out to God while we are still alive!

From the Cross Jesus cried out to the Father and committed Himself into His hands. Jesus modeled for us what it means to trust, to truly trust, and to trust completely. If you have ever had a surgery where you had to be put to sleep you have had to trust your life into the hands of another, to give the doctors compete control over you. You even had to sign papers consenting to it, it's that serious. Nothing is more serious than death itself and the bible says because of the wages of sin, the choice of Adam in the Garden of Eden death has come into the world and all men are going to face death one day because of it. The question that begs to be asked is who are you going to trust upon your death?

Are you going to trust in your good works to revive you? That will never happen and a logical thinking mind can understand that. We can't wake ourselves up from sleep hardly without an alarm clock. How do you think you will wake yourself up from the dead? There is only one way. To be awakened by another, someone who isn't dead! Trust in the only One who is alive and able to revive you, friend, and that is Jesus Christ! If you ever lost a loved one to cancer or some other deadly disease you know the relief you feel when they finally pass. We say things like, "they are finally free from pain and suffering". I know it might sound strange but what we learn in moments like this is an important and deeply spiritual lesson, "death frees us from self effort."

When we die we no longer have to strive or struggle, work or exert any effort at all because death frees us from all that. All we can do in death is hope and trust that someone will revive us again. And when that can't be done by doctors and nurses and trained friends and relatives we die and then there remains only One who can save us and that is Jesus Christ Himself as He is risen from the dead, and He forever lives. The resurrection is our proof. All other religions have no solution for life after death as all the leaders and founders of all the worlds religions are still dead in their grave. There is only One who can be trusted to revive us once we have died and that is the One who was and is and is to come, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The last enemy you and I will face in this life is death itself. Death has not and will never be conquered by man but only by Jesus Christ, He and He alone has conquered death. The only way to conquer death is to trust your life now while you are living to the only One who can save you after you die. If you wait until you are dead to ask it's too late as dead people can't talk. There are orders patients can sign in hospitals in advance of medical procedure that instructs the hospital staff, "DNR" which means, "Do Not Resuscitate" if for some reason the patient would be placed on life support systems.

The same thing is true in a sense with God. If we do not ask God to forgive us our sin before we die then we have basically done the exact same thing as a "DNR" does. We have instructed God to "DNR" and have sealed our fate and eliminated any chance, any hope of heaven. Sadly, to die without Jesus doesn't just mean a person remains dead. After this life there is another life for all humanity as the soul of man is eternal, and each person will spend eternity in the presence of God or in hell outside the presence of God. God leaves the choice to us!

We must never forget, heaven is a free gift to all who receive it. God sent His Only Son into this world to die in our place so that we could be forgiven and experience eternal life. Each of us must communicate with God and ask Him to do what only He can do when we die. Ask God to revive you, to save you when you take your last breath and there is nothing more the doctors can do for you in this life. If you do, the next time you open your eyes again you will be in the very presence of God and will discover for yourself all the glorious truths the Word of God promises to all who place their hope and trust in Jesus. You won't be disappointed that's for sure! Please, don't wait, choose to die once to yourself today so that you can live twice, once in the here and now and then for all eternity! It's the best two for one deal in the history of the world! Choose Jesus and live! 

"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

1 Corinthians 15:57


God Never Said…
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