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Never Stop Wanting


"What is it you want?" Jesus asked"

Matthew 20:21

As I read this verse above I began to think, what would I ask for if Jesus asked me what I wanted. My mind went wild. I remember thinking, Lord; don't ever let me lose my passion, my desire. Studying for a Marriage Conference I'm going to be sharing at I read a statement in a book on marriage that stuck in my mind. It said, "Their marriage had the passion of oatmeal". I couldn't help but laugh because I love oatmeal but when you think about it the statement is sad. I know oatmeal is good for you but I must confess too that if I eat it the way my cardiologist prefers without the brown sugar it is rather boring to me.

C.S. Lewis once wrote, "The greatest enemy to holiness is not passion but apathy." One of the greatest dangers you and I will encounter in this life is the lack of wanting, the lack of desire. Its been well said that you can't help the man or woman who wants nothing in life. Many a marriage falls prey to the lack of passion, the lack of wanting, and ultimately, the lack of desire. And not just marriages, many of our lives as well. People lose their passion and when they do they also lose their hope, and ultimately, they lose their life. Sad but true.

There is a story in 2 Kings 13 about the prophet Elisha and king Jehoash who was king of Israel at the time. The king's enemies were pressing in and he knew that the prophet was close to dying so he went to Elisha and asked for help. Elisha told the king to take some arrows and strike the ground and the king did as the prophet spoke. It says Jehoash struck the ground three times then he stopped. Elisha rebuked the king saying he should have struck the ground five or six times and not just three. Had he kept hitting the ground his enemies would have been defeated as the striking of the ground symbolized the kings heart in battle and it showed his heart to be passionless, meaning that the kings heart simply was not in it battle, he had no passion to win.

There is a great lesson about life to be learned here. Never stop! Don't Quit! Never stop wanting, loved one, don't lose your passion for living, and for loving. Don't ever give up on your dream no matter how long it takes or how long you must wait. It was God Himself who created within us hearts with longings, with deep desires to be pursued. Commitment is only good when it is expressed and the best way to live out your commitment is through desire. Lets put it this way. Almost all women love to receive flowers but no woman likes to receive flowers as an act of duty. If I would have given my wife flowers on our anniversary and when she thanked me I said in response, 'there is no need to thank me, I had too, its our anniversary" I might has well have given her a tumbleweed.

John Piper in his book Desiring God wrote, "Dutiful roses are a contradiction in terms". Duty reduces desire to a drill. It is well said, "A woman doesn't want to be an object of duty, she wants to be desired". I think that is true about most everyone, men and women alike. And guess what, the good news of the gospel is, each of us are deeply loved and wanted by God. I like what A.W. Tozer wrote when he said, "God waits to be wanted" and if that is true with God it must be true as well about men and women who were created in the image of God. God isn't seeking dutiful relationship from His creation, what God is seeking is a love affair with us. God is seeking to be sought by us. We all seek the one we desire and many times in life it's that deep desire that sustains us in our deepest trials.

Let me ask you today, friend, what is it that you really want in this life? What is your burning desire, what is your passion that gets you out of bed each day? Don't let your desire become a duty, keep them as your delight because if you don't eventually your life will be ruled by the desires of others. C.S. Lewis wrote, "We can only have hope for what we desire, No desire, no hope". You can have desire and yet not hope for it but you cannot hope for something you don't also desire. God desires relationship with us and we know the depth of that desire in what is referred to as the "passion of the Christ", the last week of our Lord's life here on earth where He suffered, died, was buried and rose again for us! Talk about passion, talk about desire!

Oh, that you and I would know we are desired today, loved one. I'll close with this thought, its a scene to play over and again in your mind. It's from the movie, "The Last of the Mohicans" where Nathaniel says to Cora, "No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you". Now there is a man whose life is driven by passion, by hope and desire. May you know today, beloved, in the Gospel's you and I represent Cora and Jesus is our Nathaniel. You are wanted, you are sought after, and you are unquestionably desired!

"I have loved you with an everlasting love"

Jeremiah 31:3


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