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"Don't Cross The Line"

"Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned"

Romans 5:12

Some of the best biblical lessons are taught as we go through our normal day in and day out activities. The Lord provided me one on Romans 5:12-15 as I was attempting to pull into a parking stall of my favorite bike shop. I could hardly get out of my car and had to actually act skinny to get out. I took a deep breath and I squeezed out the driver side door as quickly as possible before I passed out. I didn't want to hit the car next to me (especially since the guy driving it was still seated in the car) so I opened the door very slowly which made matters worse. It's hard to focus when you are holding your breath.

Once I got out of the car and caught my breath I was walking side by side with the guy who parked next to me almost trapping me in my vehicle. The parking spots are designed for golf carts not for real cars and this guy parked over the line into my space. You might say he was a "space invader" or better put, he was a "space violator". I was thinking about calling him a "space invader" just for fun as we walked together towards the bike shop but he beat me to the punch in a sense. He started apologizing for crossing the line and parking in my spot. He said the car next to him had parked over the line forcing him to park over the line too.

As I left the bike shop the same guy who pinned me in my parking spot was walking back out to his car, as I was mine. We picked the conversation up where we left it off and I said something like we are parked so close we are going to have back out at the same time. He chuckled as he thought about what I had said and he apologized again for having to cross the line into my parking spot. To see what had happened and why all the cars were parked so far over the lines I walked past my vehicle and sure enough, the guy who trapped me in my car was telling the truth. Every vehicle in our row was parked well over the line. The reason I discovered the vehicles were all parked over the line was because of the first car in our row. Parked in the first parking stall was a real nice sports car with no plates on it parked in such a way so that no other car could park next to it. I totally understand. Not having a license plate means the car is new therefore the parking laws don't apply, ha. Obviously this is an unwritten law but anyone who has had a new car knows everyone pretty much does this until, yes, until they get that first dent and then its back to normal parking.

Not wanting the owner of the sports car to have to live with this stress any longer I did what any caring person would do. I keyed his new paint job and kicked the door with my foot so they would never again have to worry about protecting their new car from that first dent. Ha, I am just kidding, seriously, I am kidding. I didn't do anything to the car. It never even crossed my mind until I started writing this devotional. Praise God for victory over sin!  

What I did do was gingerly climb back into my vehicle and start laughing. I laughed out loud because the Lord gave me this great picture about sin in my mind. I shared with you the verse from Romans 5 above about sin entering into the world through one man. Ok, I don't know if the driver of this car was a man or a woman but the point is this. The first car that parking over the line forced all the other cars in the row to cross the line too. Just as sin entered into the world through one man and therefore all sinned after him, every car after this first car (call the car, Adam) crossed the line it forced all the other cars to cross the line too. I got it. We are all guilty of crossing the line so to speakā€¦ We all have parked over the line as it were.

What a great reminder for me that we all have a connection to Adam when he sinned (parked over the line as it were) and lived outside the lines God had drawn for him and because of Adam's sin he caused all men after him to sin (park over the line too). Thank God that He sent Jesus Christ to not only park within the lines so to speak (by living a perfect sinless life) but Jesus also paid the fine (which was death as the wages of sin is death) for Adam's sin and your sin and mine for breaking God's law.

The Lord gave me a great analogy of that parking lot incident as to how Jesus fixed where Adam failed. When I approached the parking spot I had to make a decision too. Do I cross the line or do I accept the failure of the car next to me and seek to make things right and in the process making it more difficult on myself by parking correctly. What Would Jesus Do? I chose to do what Jesus would do and park correctly. As the guy who pinned me in my car and I walked out to our vehicles together I noticed all the rest of the cars from my vehicle on were in their proper parking space well within the lines. Don't get me wrong here; it's just an analogy. a vehicle parking straight doesn't even merit comparison to what the LORD did for you and me by coming to earth, living a perfect sinless life and dying on the cross for our sin. 

My comparison is to encourage you by reminding you that Jesus perfect life offers each of us the opportunity to live within the lines. Jesus fixed what Adam messed up. Jesus made straight what the devil made crooked. Jesus rights every wrong! That's the Good News of the Gospel, loved one. God loves you and is ready and willing to forgive you for living outside the lines and as well to offer you both the hope and the help to live within the lines as you go through your day! 

"But the free gift is not like the offense. For if by the one man's offense many died, much more the grace of God and the gift by the grace of the one Man, Jesus Christ, abounded to many."

Romans 5:15


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