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"Defining Moments"


"Then He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." 

Matthew 4:19

Defining Moments, each of us experience them in life. Certain events, positive or negative shape who we are, how we think and feel. They are powerful and the good news today is, they don't just have to happen to us, we can actually and thoughtfully design them into our every day lives. Here's a little exercise I am doing this morning, exercising my mind anyway. Here goes.

Think about this defining moment this morning. Whats the first thing you would grab upon leaving your house in the event of a fire? I mean if you could grab only one item from your home as the house was burning to the ground and destroying all the contents, what one item would you be sure to take with you? 

Most of us have lots of things that in a clear moment we could think of but in a nanosecond, as you are running for your life is there anything you might consider risking your life for to go back and retrieve? Thats a defining moment for sure and is one that I am considering this morning based on a new book I received for Christmas titled, "The Power of Moments". 

I've always believed life was made up of moments, not just days or weeks or months for the simple reason is that when I look back over my own life I can only recall moments of my life and the people I know and talk with and listen and who share with me about their own lives remember only brief moments as well as they recount their own story. Moments, loved one, are what define our lives, and every moment counts.

What a great thought to consider on this the first day of 2019. Moments, and how to make the most of them is my New Years resolution. Trust me, I know I will miss millions of important moments this year. I know this already before starting out and still I am not discouraged one bit because I get it, life is made up of moments, both positive and negative. I’ve resolved to purposely create positive moments every day in the lives of those I love and work with and fellowship with throughout the week as well as complete strangers God leads me to as I learn how to harness the power of moments. I'll prove it to you in just a moment as I’m seeking to take advantage of this very moment to create a memorable one. 

The Bible is full of defining moments and captures both positive and negative experiences from Genesis to Revelation. Bam, right out of the gate the most defining moment in the history of the world was God creating the heavens and the earth and in the process creating man and woman. No sooner had God done that than, Bam, Adam and Eve sin against God and threw the entire world into a fallen tail spin. Bam, Cain kills his brother Abel and the list of defining moments goes on and on. Defining moments need not all be negative.

Some of my favorite moments in scripture are found in the Old Testament. Moses standing at the burning bush and then at the Red Sea, Elisha's servant looking up and seeing there were more standing with Elisha in the heavens than those gathered against him on earth. David slaying Goliath, and the walls of Jericho falling down, Elijah taking on the prophets of Baal are all memorable moments. In the New Testament, when I think about defining moments nothing tops the birth of Jesus other than say maybe the Cross of Calvary. I'm awed by the calling of the disciples by the simple words, “follow Me” and how the day of Pentecost changed the world as the church was born. 

Talk about a defining moments that shaped the entire New Testament. Does anything surpass Saul becoming the apostle Paul? How about Peter performing miracles? I love how God's grace in one woman's life at a well on the outskirts of town could be used to reach an entire city for Jesus. Last but not least there is John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, and the Revelation he received of Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the One who was and is and is to come!

Yes, loved one, life is made up of moments and I am looking forward to creating some and capitalizing on others in 2019. Now back to that little exercise I was telling you about. Here is your chance to create a defining moment. Imagine your house is on fire today and you only have time to grab one item from your home. What one thing would you grab? As I thought about it, it didn't take me long to decide. No, I wouldn't grab my Babe Ruth signed baseball card or autographed ball. And no, I wouldn't grab my Rolex watch or the thousands of dollars from the safe because I don't have any of those items. What I would grab is a picture of my wife and I on our wedding day that graces the wall of our bedroom. You might be thinking why of all the things I have in my home why would I grab that picture?

For me that picture of my wife and I on our wedding day defines me. It was the second biggest decision in my life other than the most defining moment of my life when I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Everything that I treasure in this life has stemmed from July 9, 1983 when my wife and I were married. Almost every moment and especially the defining moments of my life (our children and grand children) are connected to my wife and that picture represents every good moment I have enjoyed in this life. 

I have always shared with people that home is not the physical address where I live, home is wherever my wife is. I wouldn't care if we lived in a tent or a teepee, wherever my wife is that will always be home to me. That picture of my wife and I on our bedroom wall is my reminder that my life isn't about stuff, its about her. The best moments of my life have been and are because of her. She is my defining moment.

What is your defining moment? What positive memories stand out in your mind that God has used to shape your life and make you who you are today? Think about those today and thank the Lord for them as they come to mind. Consider as you head out into a new year what moments would you like to make? The good news for each of us is we can pray and we can plan. Determine to make new memories, create lasting impressions by capitalizing on the moments of your life. Don't live for days or hours, live for the moments and make the most of them. Remember, life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away! July 9, 1983 she took my breath away! And the truth is, she still takes my breath away! Happy New Year! 

"Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."

Philippians 3:13-14


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Wednesday, 23 January 2019